• 3-Team Trade Idea

    August 7, 2009 -
    Following up on my August 25th thought, I came up with a 3-team trade idea involving both New Jersey and Golden State. A fellow Jazz fan in the Bay Area tipped me off to the notion that GS has interest in Yi Jianlian based on the area's significant Asian population and the fact that Yi's game fits the Warrior's offense. With that in mind, here's my proposal:

    Utah sends Boozer & CJ to New Jersey
    Golden State sends Kalena Azubuike to New Jersey and Brandan Wright, Speedy Claxton, & Acie Law to Utah
    New Jersey sends Courtney Lee to Utah and Yi Jianlian & Bobby Simmons to Golden State

    Here's the breakdown for each team:

    New Jersey - They get the low-post scorer and rebounder they desperately need. Boozer could actually be a great fit playing next to Brook Lopez and would likely sign an extension if the Nets wanted to keep him. NJ also gets Azubuike and CJ to replace Lee and Simmons at the wings. New lineup:

    PG - Harris, Alston, Dooling
    SG - Azubuike, Terrance Williams
    SF - CJ, CDR, Hayes
    PF - Boozer, Sean Williams
    C - Lopez, Boone, Battie

    Golden State - They give up two bench players and two expiring contracts in exchange for a 7-ft shooting PF they apparently covet, along with a tall, 3-pt shooting wing with a large expiring contract. Both players seem like they would fit well in GS. New lineup:

    PG - Ellis, Curry
    SG - Jackson, Morrow
    SF - Maggette, Simmons, George
    PF - Randolph, Yi
    C - Biedrins, Turiaf

    Utah - They dump Boozer and CJ in exchange for two young, talented players and cap relief. Lee and Wright both have great potential and should be immediate rotation players. The Jazz also take back $6M less in salary than they send out, resulting in a $12M combined luxury tax savings this season. They may also be able to save more by buying out Claxton and/or Law. New lineup:

    PG - Deron, Price, Maynor
    SG - Lee, Korver
    SF - AK, Brewer
    PF - Millsap, Wright
    C - Memo, Koufos, Fess

    I think this is a trade that actually benefits all three teams. If I had KOC's number, his phone would be ringing right now.


  1. Anonymous  

    September 25, 2009 at 4:50 PM

    Not bad. It really does seem like they all 3 come out better. Not sure which team would be the most likely to object.

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